Artist Statement

My studio practice includes filmmaking, painting, printmaking and installations - I sustain a singular exploration over time and across various mediums. Over the past few years, I have worked to develop my own visual vocabulary dominated by imaginative interpretations of forms that derive from the body, nature, and landscape. These forms are feminine, intimate, and sensual; they are the site of creating life, extending family, expressing love. I believe that fundamentally, relationship matters: relation to language, power, and each other. By defining relationships, we have the power of invention and the freedom to imagine.


Salome Milstead is an educator, filmmaker, and visual artist who has facilitated student-centered art making with an emphasis on short narrative & experimental filmmaking, animation & installation for over twenty years. Salome is department co-director in the Media Department and an English faculty member at the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts (SOTA). Salome teaches a variety of film courses at SOTA including screenwriting, cinematography & art directing, and production courses with a particular interest in installation, animation, and personal experimental filmmaking.